Female Costumes


Ladies Brown 1940’s Day Dress

Ladies Brown 1940’s Day Dress A beautiful & elegant ladies Brown 1940’s day dress with tie waist belt. Coordinate with a vintage...
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Maleficent Headdress

Maleficent Headdress Compliment your Maleficent costume with this wonderful Maleficent headdress. Perfect for Villains fancy dress, Story Book & TV Character A...
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Gold Brocade Queen Elizabeth 1st

Gold Brocade Queen Elizabeth Ist Gold Brocade Queen Elizabeth Ist Costume. Perfect for Kings & Queens, Historical Tudor days. Tudor Weddings &...
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Madame Thenardier

Madame Thenardier A bold Green & black Dress. complete with, Dress, Skirt, Choker & Hoop. Perfect costume to compliment Monsieur Thenardier as...
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Rust Queen Elizabeth Ist Costume

Queen Elizabeth Ist Deluxe Rust Queen Elizabeth Ist costume in a gorgeous Quilted & Brocade fabric Perfect Costume for Medieval & Tudor...
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